Historical Landmarks

Eco Village Leshten Bulgaria


There is an unbelievable view above the valley from the town of Gotse Delchev to the Pirin Ridge, covered with snow until June. Everythin...

Main cities

Varna Cathedral


Varna, often referred to as the sea capital of Bulgaria, is the third largest city in the country. ...




Kulinoto is a site in the northern part of Pirin Mountain around 160 km away from Sofia, between the town of Razlog and the famous winter re...

Eco Villages

Eco Village Leshten Bulgaria


There is an unbelievable view above the valley from the town of Gotse Delchev to the Pirin Ridge, covered with snow until June. Everythin...


Yellow brick streets of sofia

The story of the yellow cobbled streets of Sofia centre

The yellow brick roads in the centre of Sofia are a cultural heritage for sure. Now a new law is to be voted in the Bulgarian parliament...

Bulgarian Tourist Websites Among the Most Correct

Bulgarian websites for tourist services are among those who do not violate the EU directives, reports Bulgaria’s wire service BTA, quoting the EC.

A recent EU inspection found that the Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Norwegian websites for tourist bookings are the only European sites for such services who are in full compliance with   EU regulations.

As of April 3 none of the 17 Bulgarian sites that were checked was in violation of the rules.

The check up included whether the websites give clear and easy information on the offered services, whether the final price was given clearly and in advance, whether there is information and addresses for complaints and questions and whether the terms of use were written in a concise and clear manner. Read more

Bulgarian Railway Co Faces Bankruptcy Unless Accounts Are Unblocked

Deputy Transport Minister Anton Ginev has cautioned that the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) company faces bankruptcy unless its accounts are unblocked.

In a Monday interview for mediapool, he said that the talks on the matter with the creditors of BDZ were cumbersome and difficult.

In early February 2014, German financial institution FMS Wertmanagement froze the bank accounts of BDZ over overdue debts of EUR 11 M. Read more

Bulgaria Among Popular Passover Destinations for Israeli Tourists

Israeli citizens prefer to spend the Passover festival in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, according to Turkish tour operators, Bulgarian National Radio reported.

Turkey is the destination of choice for some 6,300 Israeli citizens celebrating the eight-day festival of Passover, also known as Pesach, beginning on 15 April, Turkish Haberler informed.

The second most preferred holiday destination is Greece, followed by Italy and Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines has launched eight flights to Israel a day.

Bulgaria’s Municipalities to Get EUR 630 M Under EU Program

Bulgarian municipalities are to receive EUR 630 M from the new Program for Development of Rural Areas, Deputy Agricultural Minister Yavor Gechev said.

Gechev added that a systematic approach of “analysis, costs and benefits” is to be applied to the project which are to be carried out under the program, with the aim to manage them more efficiently, Expert.bg has reported.

Infrastructure is the top priority for which funds are to be allocated, as they enable most industrial, commercial and agricultural activities.

The building of roads is due to go hand in hand with setting up facilities for broadband Internet in areas where access is limited.

In granting money, priorities will be determined by the specific profile of a certain rural area.

Projects enhancing tourism in areas which are a traditional holiday destination, for example, are more likely to receive support.

Bulgaria’s Foreign Direct Investment Tumbled in Feb 2014

Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria for January – February 2014 increased by EUR 114.1M or 0.3% of GDP, according to Bulgaria’s National Bank preliminary data.

Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria for February 2014 increased by EUR 41.3M, compared to an increase of EUR 152.5M for February 2013 which is a drastic decline of 72.9% on an annual basis.

The attracted Equity Capital for January – February 2014 amounted to EUR 42.3. It decreased by EUR 151.9M compared to that attracted in the same period of 2013 (EUR 194.2M).The receipts from real estate investments of non-residents amounted to EUR 12.3M, compared to EUR 17.5M attracted in January -February 2013. Read more