1000 “Pravetz” Laptops To Be Released On the Market

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Pravetz laptops

The first 1000 laptops of the legendary Bulgarian computer brand “Pravetz” will be soon released on the market.

According to the brand owner Boiko Vuchev, they will be sold in a store in a Sofia shopping center and on the company website. 

The laptops are assembled in Bulgaria of computer parts from Taiwan and will feature the latest Intel processors. There will be several modifications, depending on the size of the RAM memory and the processors.

According to the initial information the laptops were going to feature their own operating system, based on Linux, but now Vuchev said they will be sold with Windows 8.1, because the development and testing of the own OS took longer than expected.

“Pravetz” is a Bulgarian brand from the 1980’s when computers of this brand were practically the only available PCs in the country. Legend has it they were developed via reverse engineering from an Apple II computer.

They were produced in a factory in the town of Botevgrad, near Pravetz – the home town of Bulgaria’s communist ruler Todor Zhivkov.

Production was discontinued in the early 1990’s and the Pravetz brand has been available for registration since 1991.

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