Agriculture Min Opens Bulgaria’s Stand at International Food Show

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Agriculture Minister Dimitar Grekov will inaugurate Bulgaria’s stand at the Paris International Agricultural Show SIA 2014.

The SIA 2014, which is one of the biggest food shows in Europe, will be held between 22 February and 2 March. Bulgaria’s Ministry of Agriculture will take part with a national food stand of 62 sq m.

Among the Bulgarian companies showcasing their products are Aroniada, Damacena, Zornitza Co, Trakiiska izba, Wine cellar Manastira, Jam&Jam, Boliarka VT, Olinesa, Bioset LTD Plovdiv, Wine Cellar Minkov Brothers.

Bulgaria’s stand will show high-quality wines, fruit juices, canned vegetables, beer, rose oil products and probiotic yoghurt, natural and spa products made of Bulgarian rose.

Participants in SIA 2014 will have the opportunity to set up a number of business contacts with their French and foreign partners.

Bulgaria’s Agriculture Ministry aims to promote Bulgarian production, mainly organically produced yogurt, dairy products and wines, on the French market.

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