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Aerial picture of Ahtopol The City of Love Ahtopol is the last town on the southern sea coast of Bulgaria on 57 kilometers from Burgas. Of course this means that the sunny days in the year are more than anywhere else and the water is cold in winter only.

The beaches are about 2 kilometers long and covered with golden sand.

The town has been on a rocky peninsula, next to the Strandzha Mountains for the last three thousand years in one or another form.

Ahtopol became a city in year 430 B.C. when the Greek founded a colony and soon it turned into a rich trading center and money used to be coined there. In the fifth, sixth and seventh centuries the city was pillaged by barbarian hordes and pirates, being burned to the ground.

Rebuilt by the byzantine commander Agaton it received the name Agatopolis –“The City of Love”, a name which remains till now. In the Medieval ages, it was Han Krum who conquered the city in 812 and made it a part of Bulgaria. In the dark ages of the Turkish Yoke the town was burned and robbed by pirates numerous times and what we see today is completely built in the last two centuries.

Traces of historical background are found all around the area and the Black Sea still hides secrets of long gone battles and wrecks. In the vicinity of Ahtopol one can visit many interesting and picturesque spots. The river Veleka is one place where you can fish, drive row boats and observe the protected water lilies.

The Nakovo Kladenche reserve is also close to Ahtopol and is a special area for breeding the rare Caspian turtles. Close to the border with Turkey is the village of Sinemorets. It has a beautiful beach and is one of the last calm and serene places on the seaside, although some building sites are slowly corroding this rural area. South of Sinemorets is the “Silistar” area, which has a camping site and a natural reserve with unique plant and animal life.

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