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AsenovgradAssenovgrad is located in the northern foothills of the western Rhodope Mountain 169 km south-east of Sofia and 19 km of Plovdiv cut in two by Asenitsa river.

This is the town with the biggest number of churches – 12, monasteries – 4 and 50 chapels. It is also famous for its wine production.

Places to visit in Assenovgrad:

1. Asenova Fortress – 2 km south of the town. It exists since the Thracian ages, but became strategically important in the medieval ages. It is named after the great Bulgarian ruler Ivan Asen II.The castle with the tower is thoroughly studied and conserved. The only preserved building is the church.
2. Bachkovo monastery - 10 km away from Assenovgrad, the second in size and importance monastery in Bulgaria. It was founded it in 1083. The museum of the monastery has a rich exhibition of icons, books and wood carvings.
3. Arapovski monastery – 8 km away, one of the few monasteries located and built up in the fields.
4. Krastova Gora /Crest Forest/- 45 km south of the town, a unique place reckoned to be holy and curative.

Picture by: Nenko Lazarov

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