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Balchik flowers

Balchik is situated 31km north of Varna in a beautiful inlet with a small harbor. Balchik is a town with ancient spirit, steep pebbled streets and houses made of stone and adobe.

Places to visit in Balchik:

1. The Palace – Impressed by the natural beauty of the area around Balchik, the Romanian Queen Maria decided to build a summer palace with a botanical garden in 1918, when the town was annexed to the territory of Romania. Besides the high-towered palace and the surrounding garden, the complex also includes a chapel, which still keeps the heart of the queen after her will, a villa meant to host Romanian aristocrats and a beautiful stone throne under an old tree where the queen loved to watch the sunset.

2. The Botanic Garden - There are more than 3,000 rare and exotic species of plants in the botanic garden.

3. Touzlata – an area located 4 km east of the town. It is well known for its curative mud that was the main reason to build a balneological centre there. 

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