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The with red tiles roofed white church of Belchin

The village of Belchin is situated in the Palakaria kettle, at the foot of the Verila Mountain. Only 1 km away from the village are the mineral springs and the small resort of the Belchinski Bani (Belchin mineral baths).

Archaeology: In the last years very serious archaeological excavations were observed in the region of the village. A total survey and research was carried out in 2007.

Discoveries show that the current church was built above the foundations of another temple and the researches of St. Spas Peak discovered wall of a citadel of the Roman Empire. The findings showed coins, everyday ceramics and pottery. 

St. Petka Temple: The restored St. Petka Church was officially opened on October the 14th, 2007, in the presence of the President of Bulgaria, some ministers of the government and the church donors. The temple is announced a national monument of culture.

Nature: This region development is closely connected with the mineral springs, famous with their curing properties, and with the clean and intact nature.

Sightseeing: The restored church, the Ethnographic Museum.

Perspectives: Modern Spa Hotels will be built in the nearest future. The proximity of the Borovets Ski Resort will help this region to achieve European significance.

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