Biking in Bulgaria

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Biking in BulgariaBiking in Bulgaria is still an adventurous experience which gives you the chance to explore the less known corners of the country in the best possible way: on two wheels and closest to nature.

The biking tours are a great adventure that stimulate your mind and keep your body alive. They allow a comfortable time margin for personal detours and stops! On the tours you can enjoy local cuisine and any other active sport you might like to exercise.

Tours by bike are of different difficulty and duration. You can rent a bike, a take a map and hire a guide. All you need to take care of is the necessary clothing, rain-suit and personal items.

Some cities, like Sofia, slowly create separate lanes for bikes. Still however be extremely careful while riding your bike in Bulgaria. Many roads still have their famous (deep) holes and motorized fellow drivers show little empathy for bikers in general.

In case you do like to have a guided bike tour we from are happy to help you out. Just contact us via one of the options on this website.

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