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BozhentsiThe small fore-Balkan village Bozhentsi is found among woody hills almost in the center of Bulgaria. The village is only 8 km from Gabrovo and 13 km from Dryanovo.

The distance to the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo and the architectural reserve Arbanasi and the Arbanasi Monastery is about 50 km. Bozhentsi is more than 600 years old and today an architectural reserve.

After the attack of Ottoman Turks in Veliko Tarnovo Bozhensti was established. Many residents of the capital fled to settle in remote parts of the mountains for security.

According to the legend, among them was the young female noble (bolyarka) Bozhana, who chose to hide in the area of Bozhentsi, and gave it its name.

The main production consisted of leather, wool, beeswax and honey.

The UNESCO proclaimed the village of Bozhentsi an architectural and historical reserve in 1964. There is a construction ban on erecting constructions that do not fit with the original style of the village.

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