Bulgarian Language

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bulgarian alphabetThe Bulgarian language is the earliest written Slavic language. It dates back to the creation of the old Bulgarian alphabet – Glagolitsa in 862 by the brothers Cyril and Methodius which was gradually replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet /Kirilitsa/ over the following centuries.

The most typical characteristics of the Bulgarian language are elimination of noun declension, suffixed definite article, lack of a verb infinitive and complicated verb system – there are various verb forms to express non-witnessed, retold, and doubtful action.

The words in Bulgarian are pronounced in the same way in which they are written. Problematic is the transcription of the Bulgarian names in Latin alphabet because the different phonetic codes in English, French and German.

The Bulgarians’ names consist of three parts – personal, father’s and family name. It is important to know that the suffixes of the women’s father or family names always change by adding „a” after the last consonant!

Speaking Bulgarian just give it a try!

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