The National Assembly

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Bulgarian National AssemblyThe National Assembly (Narodno Subranie) Bulgarian Parliament’s house was built in 1884-1886 at the design of architect Constantin Yovanovic, who studied in Vienna and designed also the Serbian Assembly. The style of the building is neo-Renaissance.

The interior has been refurbished many times but its appearance has been basically preserved in its original shape. Its front façade bears the inscription “Unity is Strength”. (“Obedinenieto Pravi Silata”). The phrase belongs to one of the proto Bulgarian khans named Krum. This is the motto of the Bulgarian main legislative body although it is neither united nor strong.

In January of 1997 there were mass demonstrations against the ruling that time socialist government. The crowd stormed the building using homemade smoke bombs, broke windows, smashed computers and furniture. This led to early elections.

And history moves on. In 2013 PM Boyko Borisov threw the towel in the ring after fierce demonstrations. Demonstrations go on till the present day against the government of the socialist PM Plamen Oresharski.

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