Bulgarian Tourist Websites Among the Most Correct

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Bulgarian websites for tourist services are among those who do not violate the EU directives, reports Bulgaria’s wire service BTA, quoting the EC.

A recent EU inspection found that the Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Norwegian websites for tourist bookings are the only European sites for such services who are in full compliance with   EU regulations.

As of April 3 none of the 17 Bulgarian sites that were checked was in violation of the rules.

The check up included whether the websites give clear and easy information on the offered services, whether the final price was given clearly and in advance, whether there is information and addresses for complaints and questions and whether the terms of use were written in a concise and clear manner.

Most violations were found in Finnish websites – none of those inspected was in full order. In Latvia only 8% were in order, while in Great Britain, France and Austria more than 60% of the sites breach the EU directives.

Among the most frequent offenses is the lack of information and contact details of the service seller, lack of instructions on how to submit a complaint, lack of option to specifically choose additional expenses such as priority boarding, insurance and luggage fee. About 20% of the inspected websites did not give information on the final price of the service.

Eurostat data for 2012 shows that 32% of European internet users booked flights or accommodation online.

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