Bulgaria’s Mobile Operators Report 10% Annual Revenue Drop

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Globul Mtel

Bulgaria’s mobile phone operators recorded nearly 10% revenue drop of BGN 242.2M in 2013, compared to previous year, when their revenue reached BGN 2.497B.

The total revenue of the three operators – Mobiltel, Globul and Vivacom for 2013 is BGN 2.255B, Bulgaria’s Capital Daily informs, citing the latest companies’ reports.

Vivacom, formerly known as BTC, reported highest revenue of BGN 811.9M in 2013 which is only 5% less than in 2012.

Mobiltel has preserved its leading place on the market, still reported a 15% annual revenue drop with BGN 781M, while Globul recorded 9.4% lower revenue of BGN 661.9M.

Vivacom has announced its annual net profit of BGN 29M which is an improvement, compared to the BGN 33M loss in 2012. The company occupies 24% of the market in terms of customers and 23% in terms of revenue by end-2013. Vivacom’s customers are 2.6M compared to 4M for Globul and 4.2M for Mobiltel.

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