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Bourgas Gramofona

With its strategic location, with its air and sea ports Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, situated on the southern Black Sea coast 384 kilometers from Sofia.

The city is a starting point for visiting the seaside resorts in the area – Sunny Beach, Elenite to the north and Dyuni holiday village to the south.
The three large lakes around Bourgas – the Atanasovsko Lake, the Poda Lagoon and the Mandra lake have been declared as Important Bird Areas with international importance.
The Bourgas lakes form the largest and most valuable wetland complex in Bulgaria. Their total surface area (together with the marshes, bogs, fish ponds and other water bodies) reaches up to 9500 ha, of which 3330 ha have already been designated as protected areas or proposals have been submitted for their designation as such areas.

Photo by: Ollya Muller

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