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Yordanov DenPublic Holidays
January 1 – New Year
March 3 – National day of the Liberation from Ottoman Domination
Easter – Two days (Sunday and Monday) according to the Orthodox calendar
May 6 – St. George’s Day
May 24 – Day of the Bulgarian culture and the Slavonic script
September 6 – National Day of Bulgaria’s Reunion in the year of 1885
September 22 – Independence Day
November 1 – Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders
December 24-26 – Christmas Eve and Christmas
December 31 – New Year’s Eve Read more


Yambol Yambol is at 304 km east of Sofia, situated on the banks of Tunja river, and is a regional center.

Places to visit in Yambol:
1. Archeological reserve “Kabile” – 8 km of the town, ruins of an important Thracian town

2. Eski Mosque – the second big mosque in Bulgaria with paintings from 17th century Read more


Razlog Razlog at the foot of three mountains, surrounded by high ridges, sheer cliff, overhanging above fertile fields and dense forests, with a river flowing through it, has truly its own ambiance as a Bulgarian country town.

The historical preconditions, the geographic location, the natural resources and the improving infrastructure help with developing this region during the last several years.

Alpine peaks, beautiful nature sights, hot mineral springs and multiple protected areas, objects of cultural and world heritage, well maintained ski tracks as well as warm hospitality attract guests and visitors from all over the country and abroad.  Read more


Kyustendil The city of Kyustendil is situated in the South-Western part of Bulgaria, about 100 km from Sofia. It became a settlement earlier than the 5th century before Christ, when Thracians inhabited the current Bulgarian territories leaving their tombs as evidence.

The initial name of the city was Pautalia. The city is situated at the foot of the Osogovo mountain (its highest peak Ruen is 2251 meters high).

Kyustendil is an important economical, transport, cultural and administrative centre with increasing significance. The combination of fresh mountain air, favorable natural conditions and healing mineral waters makes the city a very attractive place for tourism.

Kyustendil is on a distance of 85 kilometers from Sofia.
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