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Bulgarian IconBulgarian icons have a thousand year’s history and many of them belong in the treasury of world art. Icon painting in Bulgaria must have originated officially with the adoption of Christianity in 865.

Numerous churches and monasteries were built in the Bulgarian capitals. All these places of worship were decorated with murals and icons. Since then the Bulgarian icon, a symbol of the Christian cult and church ritual, has developed as a fundamental part of the art of the country.

Preslav ceramic icons, the oldest Bulgarian icons found so far, were also very interesting examples of medieval Balkan art. The icon painting tradition was enriched in the 13th- 14th c. Read more


Bulgarian Pottery Pottery is one of the oldest crafts of the people inhabiting the Bulgarian lands since ancient time. It was influenced by the traditions of Ancient Greece ceramics and later mixed with various Slavic decorative elements.

In the 9th and 10th centuries the Preslav ceramics were manufactured, well decorated and known until today, that have been used for many church interiors.

The main colours were green, yellow and brown. Read more


Embroidery BulgarianEmbroidery is one of the most outstanding achievements of Bulgarian folk art with its impressive colour combinations and patterns.

Each region in Bulgaria is known for its own style of decoration and color combinations but typical features for all the country are the geometrical figures and the prevalence of the red. All the blankets, sheets and dresses were hand made of wool, cotton, linen. After the fabrics had been woven, the clothes were decorated and embroidered by hand. The threads could be woolen, cotton or silk. Read more