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Dolen Dolen is a typical highland village on an altitude of 1020 meters and is situated in the southwestern part of the Rhodopes, 26 kilometers from the town of Gotse Delchev.

It was built by settlers escaped from a forcible conversion in the Mohammedan religion.

The Bulgarian Revival architecture, which is preserved till now is the purpose of designating Dolen for an architectural reserve in 1977. Read more


Brashlyan architectural reserveThe village of Brashlyan is on of the picturesque villages in Strandzha.

It is situated 1 kilometer from the main road between Burgas and Malko Tarnovo, 64 kilometers from Burgas and 13 kilometers from Malko Tarnovo.

Its authenticity attracts many tourists turning Brashlyan into a popular tourist destination. Read more


ZheravnaIf you are planning a trip to the East part of the Balkan Mountains you’d never miss the architectural reserve of Zeravna.

The nearest town is Kotel (16 km), but if you start from Sofia the distance to the town is 330 km. Read more


SvezhenSvezhen is a six hundred year old Bulgarian village situated in the Sredna Gora mountains, located 170 km away from Sofia near the city Karlovo.

Most of its houses are officially declared as architectural and historical monuments. Read more


Melnik housesThe smallest town in Bulgaria Melnik is situated in the south-west part of the country, close to the Greek border.

Melnik is an architectural reserve. Read more