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KavarnaThe last couple of years the town of Kavarna became popular as “the rock capital of the Balkans” thanks to the yearly rock festival, organized from the mayor of the town –Tsonko Tsonev.

Over 40 world famous rock bands were guests of the stadium – Dio, Manowar, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Accept, Slayer, Nazareth, Billy Idol, Whitesnake and Saxon are just a part of the bands, played in Kavarna.

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Bourgas Gramofona

With its strategic location, with its air and sea ports Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, situated on the southern Black Sea coast 384 kilometers from Sofia.

The city is a starting point for visiting the seaside resorts in the area – Sunny Beach, Elenite to the north and Dyuni holiday village to the south. Read more


Tsarevo Tsarevo is situated 72 km south of Burgas. It lies over two small peninsulas, bordering a beautiful inlet.

There is an international port for medium-sized passenger and cargo ships.

Many private lodgings provide accommodation during the summer. The prices are low in Tsarevo  due to the resort’s relatively lower popularity in comparison to the other seaside resorts. Read more



Tchernomorets is only a few kilometers to the south of Burgas.

The town is built in an inlet and offers perfect spots for swimming, sun bathing and fishing. The small private hotels provide accommodation at very reasonable prices. Read more

Sunny Beach

Sunny BeachSunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag) is situated 42 km north of Burgas.

Sunny Beach offers more than 120 hotels and two camping sites.

The resort has tennis-courts, swimming pools, bowling clubs and mini-golf playgrounds.

It also offers opportunities to practice horse riding and all kinds of water sports with the help of instructors. Read more