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Days of Saints important name days

GrapesIt’s hard to meet a Bulgarian who does not know the corresponding Saints day of his own name. This Saints day is his or her name day. A name day is as important as ones birthday. People really are happy when in some way or another they receive congratulations even by sms, phone-call or Facebook. Many will treat at work or even have a party the same evening for celebration.

Here a list with dates and names of the most important name days including some other traditional Eastern European and specific Bulgarian folklore.  Read more

Bulgarian folk customs and holidays

Bulgarian folk customs and holidaysEvery foreigner who comes in Bulgaria for a first time is really surprised of the number of holidays and celebrations with which the Bulgarian holiday calendar is full with.

Most of the holidays date from centuries and their roots are not clear.

They have deep relation with the everyday life of the ancient Bulgarians.

Most of the Bulgarian folk customs and holidays today have vanished but some still remain as “keepers” of the national originality. Read more