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Kulinoto Kulinoto is a site in the northern part of Pirin Mountain around 160 km away from Sofia, between the town of Razlog and the famous winter resort Bansko. It is situated at the Kulina river, 1400 meters above the sea level.

Kulinoto  is not so well known but its a beautiful place, satisfactory facilities for winter sport and affordable prices make it a preferable place for recreation of the local people. There is a ski run with total length of 1300 m and two drag lifts.

The snow usually lasts until mid March. Close to the run you can find a nice tea-room offering nosy tea and “greyana rakia” /warm brandy/ as well as well equipped ski-wardrobe which will satisfy all your requirements.

There are plans for development of Kulinoto into a real and popular ski resort by extending initially the existing ski run and installing a chair lift and further by making new ski runs, improving the infra-structure and building of proper accommodation facilities.


SimitliSimitli is a town in the Blagoevgrad province in southwestern Bulgaria.

It is situated 17 km. south of Blagoevgrad in the foothills of Rila Pirin and Malashevska Mountains on both banks of the Struma River. Read more


Sandanski The town of Sandanski is famous with the best natural public health for bronchial asthma in Europe. Sandanski  is popular for its mineral springs, mild climate, variety of places of interest and old-centuries cultural heritage.

Sandanski is located 160 km south of Sofia on the E-79 motorway in the sunniest part of Bulgaria at an altitude of 224 m in the foothills of the Pirin Mountain. Read more


Razlog Razlog at the foot of three mountains, surrounded by high ridges, sheer cliff, overhanging above fertile fields and dense forests, with a river flowing through it, has truly its own ambiance as a Bulgarian country town.

The historical preconditions, the geographic location, the natural resources and the improving infrastructure help with developing this region during the last several years.

Alpine peaks, beautiful nature sights, hot mineral springs and multiple protected areas, objects of cultural and world heritage, well maintained ski tracks as well as warm hospitality attract guests and visitors from all over the country and abroad.  Read more


MelnikThe city of Melnik is located in the southern part of Bulgaria, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains.

The name of the city was given by the Slavs. This is the smallest Bulgarian city (with a population of 200 people).

Melnik is famous because of its architecture of the Bulgarian national revival period, the popular Melnik wine which is being exported all around the worlds, as well as the Melnik pyramids (natural cave formations about 100 meter high, with sand basis and ever-changing shape; on their tops deciduous trees and grass grow). Read more