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Semkovo ski map The ski resort Semkovo is around 170 km south from Sofia at the foot of Rila mountain, located among pine-tree forests with an exclusive panoramic view towards the high Rila peaks.

Semkovo offers excellent opportunities for winter sports and summer mountain tourism.

The site is situated on 1750 meters above the sea level can be reached through a picturesque mountain road.

The climate is Mediterranean with a mountain influence which makes the resort all year round suitable for relaxation and recreation. Read more


SamokovThe town of Samokov is located in the Samokov Valley, called Palakariya. Samokov is a small town known in the time of the Turkish rule for its iron ore extraction.

Interesting places to visit in Samokov are: the Old Mosque, The School of Arts and the Convent.

The town is in the vicinity of Rila Mountain, the biggest national park in Bulgaria. The Mussala Mount (2925 m) of Rila is the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula.  Read more


Razlog Razlog at the foot of three mountains, surrounded by high ridges, sheer cliff, overhanging above fertile fields and dense forests, with a river flowing through it, has truly its own ambiance as a Bulgarian country town.

The historical preconditions, the geographic location, the natural resources and the improving infrastructure help with developing this region during the last several years.

Alpine peaks, beautiful nature sights, hot mineral springs and multiple protected areas, objects of cultural and world heritage, well maintained ski tracks as well as warm hospitality attract guests and visitors from all over the country and abroad.  Read more