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Panagyurishte treasureThe city of Panagyurishte is located in the Panagyurishte valley – on the Southern slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain. It is situated 42 km from the city of Pazardzhik.

The place was populated a long time ago and pottery remnants, mounds and necropolises are being discovered all around. Two km on the South of the city the famous Panagyurishte gold treasure was discovered.

The name Panagyurishte was mentioned for the first time in 1576. During the Ottoman domination the city experiences a great economical and cultural grow.

The second cell school was created here. The city’s name is associated with Rayna Knyaginya (Rayna the Duchess) [a Bulgarian teacher and woman-partisan who sewed the rebel flag for the April uprising. In the day of the uprising she was waving it] and the rebel detachments for the April Uprising. Read more


HisaryaThe city of Hisarya is located in the foot of Sredna Gora Mountain, 40 km from Plovdiv and 120 km from Sofia.

Hisarya  is a city with a long history which was founded in ancient epochs (according to some researchers there was a village on this spot more than 5 thousand years ago).

Hisarya  was founded here because of the healing mineral springs as well as the favorable climate. The first population of the place was Thracian. Later the Romans arrive followed by the Byzantines. When the Slavs populate the region, they call the city Toplitsa. During the Ottoman domination the city is burnt down. After the Liberation it is reconstructed.

Today Hisarya is a small city associated mainly with its mineral springs and the construction of many hotels devoted to Spa tourism. Read more