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Caving and caves in Bulgaria

Caving and caves in BulgariaThere are more than 2,000 caves in Bulgaria and more than 100 caving clubs. Bulgarian caving has a long history (from the 19th century).

A caving lover will meet here lots of new friends from all ages.

For ages Bulgarian caves have attracted people from all over the world because of religious, scientific, historical and speleological reasons.

Traces have been found from ancient civilizations populating Bulgarian caves during the Époque of neolithic and bronze. Read more

Aladzha Cave Monastery

Aladzha Cave MonasterySome 16 km to the north of Varna and just off the Golden Sands sea resort, midst a cool deciduous forest lays the renowned “Holy Trinity” rock monastery.

The locals lovingly call it “Aladzha” (Aladja) monastery, which is the Turkish word of “colorful”.

Supposedly, the original monastery can be traced back to the early days of Christianity on these lands, though the present monastery is believed to have sprung up in the 10th century. Read more


ZemenThe city of Zemen is located in the Southern part of Bulgaria, along the river valley of the Struma river.

It is 31 km from the town of Kyustendil and about 50 km from Sofia.

The village is situated in a valley with the same name: Zemen. The city has been founded many centuries ago at the place of the former Zemlangrad fortress. Zemen statues

During the Middle Ages this region was flourishing.

After the Ottoman conquest the city is destroyed Read more


VelingradThe city of Velingrad is situated in the Chepina valley, part of the beautiful Rhodope mountains. Legends tell that Orpheus used to live here.

The favorable natural conditions and the healing mineral springs of Velingrad played an important role for the foundation of the city.

The name of the city comes from the woman-partisan Vela Peeva. In 1948 the city was founded from the merger of the three villages Kamenitsa, Ladzhene and Chepino. Read more


TetevenTeteven is situated in the Central Balkan Mountains along the Beli Vit River 110 km away from Sofia, surrounded by beautiful peaks.

It is the starting point for many breathtaking hiking routes and offers perfect conditions for hunting and fishing.

Places to visit in Teteven: Read more