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Beklemeto Beklemeto is a small resort in the Balkan mountain 1320 meters above sea level at around 180 kilometers from Sofia near the town of Troyan. There are several hotels and villas where ski equipment and snowmobiles are rent.

Beklemeto  offers excellent facilities for winter tourism. The snow cover here lasts more than 160 days. There are three lifts and three runs for alpine skiing of total length of 2500 meters.

The best cross-country and biathlon runs of different length in Bulgaria are in the Beklemeto resort.  Read more


Uzana Uzana is 240 km north-east from Sofia, just 22 km from the town of Gabrovo, in the heart of Balkan mountain, 1240 meters above sea level.

Uzana  is also known as the geographical center of Bulgaria and is surrounded by the natural park ”Bulgarka”, famous with its rare animal and plant species. This small paradise site is a real discovery for nature lovers and provides excellent conditions for rest and tourism all year round.  Read more


KazanlakThe town of Kazanlak is located in the Valley of Roses at the foot of the Balkan mountains.

Kazanluk is on a distance of 170 kilometers from Sofia.


The first settlement sprang here in ancient times.

The researches show that the area was inhabited by a large Thracian population, which reached the height of its cultural development during the 5th – 3rd centuries B.C. Read more


Karlovo The town of Karlovo is situated in the central part of the country, in the beautiful Karlovo kettle which is part of the Rose valley.

It is located 60 km from the town of Plovdiv. The city is crossed by the Stara reka river (the name means Old river) which forms on the North of the city a picturesque waterfall.

Karlovo was founded next to the Kopsis fortress. During the Ottoman domination the city is known as a craftsmen centre especially for its leather and woolen braid manufacture, etc.

Karlovo is the birthplace of the Bulgarian national hero Vassil Levski. In 1953 the city is named Levskigrad (the city of Levski) after his name and in 1962 they call it Karlovo. Read more


Gabrovo Sveta TroizaThe town of Gabrovo was established as a strategic village close to the Balkan mountain’s passes in the valley of the Yantra River.

It is situated 220 km from Sofia, 150 km from Plovdiv, 274 km from Varna, 234 from Bourgas and some 153 km away from the town of Rousse. Read more