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Eco Village Leshten BulgariaThere is an unbelievable view above the valley from the town of Gotse Delchev to the Pirin Ridge, covered with snow until June.

Everything in Leshten is in the present and, at the same time, in the past. Read more

Asen Fortress

Church of the Holy Mother of God_Asen's FortressThe medieval Asen’s Fortress in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains  is situated on a high rocky ridge on the left bank of the Asenitsa River.

The earliest archaeological findings date back from the time of the Thracians, the area of the fortress has also been inhabited during the Ancient Roman and Early Byzantine period.

The fortress gained importance in the Middle Ages, first mentioned in the statute of the Bachkovo Monastery as Petrich in the 11th century.

The fortress was conquered by the armies of the Third Crusade. Read more


Tatul Bulgarian Historical Landmark

Latest archaeological finds in Tatul date the earliest settlement to 4000 BC. According to Ovcharov, the site is the sanctuary and tomb of an influential Thracian leader who deified after his death. Read more


PerperikonPerperikon is an ancient Thracian city located in the Eastern Rhodopes, 15 kilometers North-West of the present day town of Kardzhali.

Perpericon is thought to be a sacred place. Human activity in the area dates back to 5000 B.C.

The first traces of civilization on the hill date from the Bronze Age, while the ceramics found on the place date from the Early Iron Age, as well as the impressive round altar, almost 2 m in diameter, chiseled out of the rocks. Read more

Madara Horseman

Madara horsemenThe Madara Horseman is in the north-east of Bulgaria, 20 km from the town of Shumen, near the village of Madara. It is included in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List of UNESCO.

The Madara horseman is the only rock relief in Europe from the early Middle Ages.

The Madara Horseman relief was cut in a vertical rock at 23 m height during the 8th century. It measures 2.6 m in height and is 3.1 wide at the base. It comprises a life-size horseman, a lion, a dog, and Greek inscriptions. The horseman is wearing a knee-length garment and is holding the reins in his left hand. With the right hand, he has thrown a short spear with a flag at the lion lying at the horse’s front legs.  Read more