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The story of the yellow cobbled streets of Sofia centre

The yellow brick roads in the centre of Sofia are a cultural heritage for sure. Now a new law is to be voted in the Bulgarian parliament that would make it mandatory for every Bulgarian to declare any item in his possession which is more than 100 years old against a tax of 5 Leva. Imagine one having a huge old collection of books on the shelf.

Sofia Gangnam Style

Dancing is popular in Sofia not just on the streets.

Sofia (Bulgaria) – the History of Europe

A must see video for all travelers to Sofia hosted by Terry Randall.

Driving in Sofia

Sofia StreetsDriving in Sofia with the crowd of people, cars, buses and trams especially during the rush hours, can be a traumatic experience – you need iron nerves and peeled eyes. However, once away from the city centre, traffic runs quite freely. Street names are almost exclusively in Cyrillic so, even with a map, orientation can be difficult.

Visitors have to know that Bulgarian drivers flash their lights to signal ‘get out of the way’, and not to give another motorist the right of way. Alternatively, this can be a warning: ‘police ahead!’ The trams always have priority. Read more

Vitosha Mountain

Sofia Vitosha MountainThe conveniently short distance to Vitosha montain is temptingly inviting for both locals and guests of Sofia with its great opportunities for practicing all snow sports in the winter as well as hiking, biking, paragliding in the summer. Despite of the industrial environment and the growing urbanization the mountain has still preserved its natural beauty, plant and animal species. There are two biosphere reserves. The highest peak is Cherni Vruh – 2290 m. Here is the longest cave in Bulgaria Duhlata – 17.5 km.  Read more