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Varshets SPAVarshets is situated 92 km north of Sofia and 30 south of Montana. The location of the town defines it as a resort famous for its curative mineral springs, beautiful scenery, a large well-kept park and mild mountainous climate.

Varshets disposes of excellent tourist infrastructure.

There are 2 spa centres, polyclinics, numerous rest houses, hotels and many private lodgings. Read more

Pavel Banya

Pavel Banya Hotel SevtopolisPavel Banya is 185 km from Sofia. The town is located east of the Valley of the Roses and its mineral waters were in active use since the days of the Roman Empire.

They spring from 7 natural and artificial wells. Most of the waters are with fluoride, slightly mineralized and have a healing effect on many diseases. Read more


Ognyanovo SpaThe village of Ognyanovo is located 12 km northwest of the town of Gotze Delchev in the west-southern part of Bulgaria.

The climate is mild and allows balneology all year round. The village has its own mineral spring known as “Miroto”.

The mineral water is clear, with no smell and taste, low mineralized and is suitable for many diseases.

Devin Spa

Devin spaDevin is situated among scenic hills in the heart of Rhodope mountain 35 km away from the world famous resort Pamporovo at an attitude of 780 m. It has several mineral water springs.

The curative properties of Devin’s mineral water are due to their considerable mineralization, relatively high content of fluorine, mild acidity and high temperature. Read more


Spa BankyaBankya is situated 17 km from Sofia. Its mineral waters are suitable for treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, nervous system disturbances and metabolic disturbances. It offers an excellent infrastructure for tourism, recreation and treatment.

There are 2 medical centers, hydro-thermal pools in large picturesque park, polyclinics with specialized diagnostic equipment, modern sanatoriums, sport terrains, many rest houses and hotels, as well as private lodgings. Read more