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Dobrinishte ski mapDobrinishte is 165 km away from Sofia and only 6 km south of the famous ski resort Bansko. It is situated in the foot of Pirin mountain at 850 m above the sea level and is both ski and spa resort.

Dobrinishte has been known since Roman times because of its mineral water. There are 17 hot mineral springs popular for their curative effect and several hotels with facilities for spa therapy.

Very close to Dobrinishte, up in the Pirin mountain are the Gotze Delchev chalet (1412m altitude) and Bezbog chalet (2236m ) which are connected with 3.7 km chair lift. There is the longest alpine ski run – more than 4 km but it is not so steep andDobrinishte ski slope suitable also for beginners.

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Kulinoto Kulinoto is a site in the northern part of Pirin Mountain around 160 km away from Sofia, between the town of Razlog and the famous winter resort Bansko. It is situated at the Kulina river, 1400 meters above the sea level.

Kulinoto  is not so well known but its a beautiful place, satisfactory facilities for winter sport and affordable prices make it a preferable place for recreation of the local people. There is a ski run with total length of 1300 m and two drag lifts.

The snow usually lasts until mid March. Close to the run you can find a nice tea-room offering nosy tea and “greyana rakia” /warm brandy/ as well as well equipped ski-wardrobe which will satisfy all your requirements.

There are plans for development of Kulinoto into a real and popular ski resort by extending initially the existing ski run and installing a chair lift and further by making new ski runs, improving the infra-structure and building of proper accommodation facilities.


Beklemeto Beklemeto is a small resort in the Balkan mountain 1320 meters above sea level at around 180 kilometers from Sofia near the town of Troyan. There are several hotels and villas where ski equipment and snowmobiles are rent.

Beklemeto  offers excellent facilities for winter tourism. The snow cover here lasts more than 160 days. There are three lifts and three runs for alpine skiing of total length of 2500 meters.

The best cross-country and biathlon runs of different length in Bulgaria are in the Beklemeto resort.  Read more

Tsigov Chark

Tsigov Chark snowThe Tsigov Chark resort is located around 130 km south-east from Sofia between Batak and Velingrad on the shore of the Batak Dam, 1100 meters above sea level and offers excellent conditions for winter as well as summer tourism and vacation far from the overcrowded and expensive resorts.  Read more


Semkovo ski map The ski resort Semkovo is around 170 km south from Sofia at the foot of Rila mountain, located among pine-tree forests with an exclusive panoramic view towards the high Rila peaks.

Semkovo offers excellent opportunities for winter sports and summer mountain tourism.

The site is situated on 1750 meters above the sea level can be reached through a picturesque mountain road.

The climate is Mediterranean with a mountain influence which makes the resort all year round suitable for relaxation and recreation. Read more