Caving and caves in Bulgaria

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Caving and caves in BulgariaThere are more than 2,000 caves in Bulgaria and more than 100 caving clubs. Bulgarian caving has a long history (from the 19th century).

A caving lover will meet here lots of new friends from all ages.

For ages Bulgarian caves have attracted people from all over the world because of religious, scientific, historical and speleological reasons.

Traces have been found from ancient civilizations populating Bulgarian caves during the Époque of neolithic and bronze.

During the Ottoman occupation (14-19th century), whole villages have survived cruel massacres only because people were hiding in the caves.

Some cave churches and monasteries from those times are still preserved.

Caves in the Stara Planina Mountains have been used as an asylum also by rebel unions called “Cheta” who were hiding there from the Ottoman authorities.

Throughout the history of the three Bulgarian kingdoms, separate monks chose to live in a cave to get isolated from social life. Many of their caves and cloisters are still preserved, but still so difficult to find and many shear inaccessible.

Visits and exploration tours are organized to the most famous caves. Here are some of them:

Bacho Kiro, Dryanovo village
Vodopada, Letnitsa village
Duhlata, Vitosha mountain Sofia
Dyavolsko garlo (Devil’s throat), Trigrad village
Elenina dupka, village of Byala voda (close to Malko Tarnovo)
Karlukovska Temna peshtera, Karlukovo village
Kozarska peshtera, Lakatnik station
Ledenika, Stara Planina Mountains
Magurata, Rabisha village /about 700 paintings from the bronse époque, more than 3000 years old.
Malkata peshtera, Dryanovo village
Orlova chuka, Ivanovo village
Prohodna peshtera, Karlukovo village
Ruzhishka peshtera, Lakatnik station
Snezhanka, Peshtera city
Saeva dupka, Yablanitsa city
Temnata dupka, Lakatnik station
Tsarvishte – Kocherinovo close to Blagoevgrad, 5 caves even most villagers have no knowledge of. After Mursalevo, or before when you come from Blagoevgrad, cross the railroad and river bridge go straight and keep to your right and follow the road passing several villages. Tsarvishte begins when you notice a series of free fresh running mountain water taps on your right side. Good luck on your cave hunt. Your best starting point is are the villagers, ask around is your motto.
Uhlovitsa, Mogilitsa village
Haramiyska peshtera, Trigrad village
Chudnite mostove, Rhodopi mountain
Yagodinska peshtera, Yagodina village
Imamova Dupka near Yagodina
Zandana near the town of Shumen
Zadanenka at Karlukovo, etc.

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