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Chirpan white church

The city of Chirpan is situated in the Thracian Lowland, 51 km from the town of Plovdiv and 37 km from the town of Stara Zagora.

Chirpan is the successor of an ancient Roman village called Sherempol which was situated 7 km from the current city.

There are many legends about the origin of the city. One of them tells about a centuries-old forest with lots of water-springs that has existed in this place. As many passengers were passing by, the local people treated them.

The word for treating in Bulgarian sounds like Cherpia. This is where the name Chirpan comes from. Another legend tells that the name comes from the old word charpadzhi which is not used anymore and means a place for washing clothes.

However Chirpan was founded in the 17th century close to the Takir Spring. Today the name of the city is associated with the Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov.

Places to visit in Chirpan:

1. Peyo Yavorov’s House-Museum
2. Nikola Manov Art Gallery
3. St. Atanasii Monastery – in the Zlatna Livada village (the village name means Gold meadow).

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