Church of St Nedelya

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Church of St Nedelya The Church of St Nedelya /Tsurkva Sveta Nedelya/ with its huge dome is a typical example of Byzantine architecture. There has been a church here since medieval times, although the present building dates from the mid-nineteenth century.

The church was reconstructed and rebuild three times: in 1856 after an earthquake, in 1878 when the Russian architect Pomerantsev decided to rebuild it as a structure with five domes, and in 1925 after a terrorist bomb attack against the king when 123 people was killed but failing to harm the intended victims.

The church is 30 meter long and 15.5 meter wide. The highest point of the dome is 31 meter. 

Light comes through 24 windows cut in the dome and through many side windows. The church is three-altar one. Some of the icons placed in the central part are painted by the famous Bulgarian iconographer Stanislav Dospevski.

There are 11 bells on the belfry with the biggest one weighing about 1700 kg. The broad dome is paved with slabs of smooth marble, bordered on each side by vigorous modern frescos. Today the church is preferred by many couples for their wedding on Saturdays.

The Sveta Nedelya square used to be named after Lenin and his statue once stood here. Recently, it has been replaced by a 24 meter bronze statue of the goddess protector of the city, Sofia, holding the symbols of wisdom and fame. Not extremely beautiful but still better than those of Lenin.

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