Communist Monuments

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Communist party house SofiaPametnik na Suvetskata Armia / Monument to the Soviet Army/

The monument is huge composition with a high bronze statue of a Russian soldier, side-by-side with a Bulgarian worker and a peasant mother and her child, on top of a 34m high obelisk-shaped column.

Now it is painted with graffiti and covered with poster adverts. The park around is a favorite place of skateboarders and bikers performing acrobatics on makeshift ramps.

Partien Dom /Party House/

An imposing colonnaded building and a brilliant example of the postwar Stalinist architecture this was the seat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party until August 1990 when it was torched by the angry mob but without serious damages.

What is missing of the original is the red star on the top. This memorable symbol was removed to mark the end of communist era in Bulgaria.

Ploshtad Aleksander Batenberg

It is named to honour the first monarch of the newly independent Bulgaria in 1878. This is the place where during the communist rule in Bulgaria major anniversaries were celebrated with pompous parades known as “spontaneous demonstrations of the people” and which in fact were a tiresome obligation for the most participants. They have to applaud the communist leaders who have proclaimed their-selves semi-gods.

The governing body took the salutes from the terrace of an immense mausoleum, built in 1949 to house the body of Georgi Dimitrov – Bulgaria’s first communist leader, on the analogy of Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow. Unfortunately you can not see this “top tourist site” because it was demolished with dynamite in 1990.

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