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The town of Dobrich is the administrative centre of Dobrudzha – a big area in the north-east of Bulgaria, where most of the wheat is grown. It is 51 kilometers north of Varna and 480 kilometers away from Sofia.

Being 30 kilometers away from the sea it is a pleasant and calm city to live in and Dobrich is the eight most populated town in Bulgaria.

Archaeological excavations prove that in this area civilizations lived here already 5000 years before Christ. Archaeological sites from around 4th-3rd century B.C. and a proto-Bulgarian necropolis with pagan graves from the early Middle Ages are within the city limits.

In the 11th century Pechenegs massacred the entire population and looted all villages in Dobrudzha , making a desert out of this fertile land for the next five centuries. In the 16th century a travelling merchant, called Hadzhioglu Pazardzhik founded a village at this comfortable crossroad, which was later named after him.

After the liberation from the Turkish, on February 19th 1882, the city Hadzhioglu Pazardzhik was officially renamed Dobrich, honoring the medieval ruler Dobrotitsa. In socialist times, the town got the name of the Russian marshal Tolbuhin, but since 1990 it is officially Dobrich again.

See the interesting architecture of Dobrich with your own eyes. Various buildings and monuments bear the touch of classic communist design. There is a big TV tower which dominates the skyline in Dobrich, along with several mammoth blocks of flats.

You can see  some interesting places in the city: The Historical Museum holds the treasures, found in the Lake City of urankulak – tools, pottery and jewelry, which are older than the  pyramids of Egypt. There is the house museum of Yordan Yovkov, one of Bulgaria’s most famous and respected writers.

In the beautiful town park there is a big zoo with different animals from Bulgaria and all over the world. They roam free within the untouched environment of the wildlife park. Several endangered species are kept in the zoo for breeding and re-introducing them to their habitats.

In many ways Dobrich is a typical Bulgarian town and everyone, interested in our country would have a great experience, visiting it.

Places to visit in Dobrich

1. Yordan Yovkov’s Home-Monument
2. Historical Museum
3. The Old Dobrich Ethnographical Museum
4. Military Graveyard Memorial Complex

Famous people associated with Dobrich: 

1. Yordan Yovkov
2. Dora Gabe
3. Dimitar Spisarevski

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