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Dobrinishte ski mapDobrinishte is 165 km away from Sofia and only 6 km south of the famous ski resort Bansko. It is situated in the foot of Pirin mountain at 850 m above the sea level and is both ski and spa resort.

Dobrinishte has been known since Roman times because of its mineral water. There are 17 hot mineral springs popular for their curative effect and several hotels with facilities for spa therapy.

Very close to Dobrinishte, up in the Pirin mountain are the Gotze Delchev chalet (1412m altitude) and Bezbog chalet (2236m ) which are connected with 3.7 km chair lift. There is the longest alpine ski run – more than 4 km but it is not so steep andDobrinishte ski slope suitable also for beginners.

In the summer the village offers excellent condition for mountain tourism – hiking and rock climbing. The nature lovers can enjoy the fabulous beauty of Pirin mountain as well as its rich diversity of flora and fauna.

An attraction not to miss is the edelweiss garden. In Dobrinishte you can see and feel the typical atmosphere of a Bulgarian village with its preserved customs, unique folklore and traditional cuisine.

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  1. Ivan Sakarev says:

    Another attractions are the archeological excavations at St. Nikola area and the silver thermal springs. And finally everyone who want to visit Dobrinishte in the summer definitely must see Popovo Lake (the biggest lake in Pirin).

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