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Dolen Dolen is a typical highland village on an altitude of 1020 meters and is situated in the southwestern part of the Rhodopes, 26 kilometers from the town of Gotse Delchev.

It was built by settlers escaped from a forcible conversion in the Mohammedan religion.

The Bulgarian Revival architecture, which is preserved till now is the purpose of designating Dolen for an architectural reserve in 1977.

Places to visit in Dolen

The main places of interest are the old “St. Nikola” church, built in 1834 in a complex including a monastery school. On the iconostasis there are icons, painted from Georgi Filipov, an icon –painter from Dobarsko.

The most interesting typical architectural ensembles are “Kavalite”, “Nikolovskata cheshma” and the bazaar alley. Dolen is also famous for its goldsmith’s.

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