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American University in BulgariaBulgaria has long-standing traditions in providing good education in general. Almost every young Bulgarian is in pursuing of a higher and better education.

Education in Bulgaria is mainly supported by the state through the Ministry of Education and Science.

In the last years there are many private schools established who compete successfully with state schools but they are still not affordable for everyone.

School education is compulsory for children from seven to sixteen years of age.

The main types of secondary schools are: general educational, vocational, language schools and foreign schools.

More than 40 universities in Bulgaria offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Bulgarian students are accepted to them after taking a variety of admission tests. The students with the highest scores qualify for a fixed number of slots for the period of their undergraduate studies.

The quality of education is a “trade mark” of all Bulgarian universities. The diplomas from many universities in Bulgaria are recognized by the authorities of many countries. Since its opening in 1991 very popular is the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG).

Education in Bulgaria provides also many opportunities for young people from foreign countries to travel to many places of interest in Bulgaria and in the neighboring countries, to exercise, to make friends or just to enjoy their stay in Bulgaria.

Some of the universities have courses in English designed specially for foreign students but if not, all foreigners have the chance to learn Bulgarian language at special courses organized by the Department for foreign students in Sofia University in Bulgaria.

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