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Elena is a small town located in the Central Balkan Mountains 280 km away from Sofia and just a mere 38 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo. It has managed to keep a great part of its architectural heritage.

Elena is a very attractive place for hiking, fishing and hunting fans with its crystal-clear rivers, many Eco-paths and camping sites that show the magnificent beauties of the mountain.

There are ski tracks and rope lines for the ski-lovers. You can taste the delicious home-made food and plum brandy.

Elena is the ideal place for family vacation with the specialized children’s courses for mountain-rescuers, competitions, games and any other activities in the open air.

There are many hotels and private holiday houses at your disposal. The Elena region is a heaven for fans of Eco-tourism getting closer to the Bulgarian traditions and customs in a typical folklore atmosphere.

Places to visit in Elena:

1. The Museum of Renaissance – valuable icon collection and precious pieces of Bulgarian religious paintings
2. Kapinovski and Plakovski monasteries – with impressive wall-paintings, wood-carvings and icons
3. Jovkovtzi dam – 5 km away of Elena, ideal for fishing, water motor sports and horse-riding.

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