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Embroidery BulgarianEmbroidery is one of the most outstanding achievements of Bulgarian folk art with its impressive colour combinations and patterns.

Each region in Bulgaria is known for its own style of decoration and color combinations but typical features for all the country are the geometrical figures and the prevalence of the red. All the blankets, sheets and dresses were hand made of wool, cotton, linen. After the fabrics had been woven, the clothes were decorated and embroidered by hand. The threads could be woolen, cotton or silk.

The embroidering was mostly women’s occupations. By tradition, the young girls had to embroider all the garments and cloths for their marriage and with the embroidery they have expressed their dreams and hopes, their vision for the world. Generations of unknown women have embroidered, in pain or in joy, to create beauty in their homes.

The Bulgarian embroidery is a real masterpiece of craft-work.

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