Fishing in Bulgaria

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fishing trip to BulgariaBulgarian rivers and lakes, dams and swamps, and the Black Sea-coast offer you a rich variety of fresh and salt water fish. Besides, the picturesque countryside makes fishing a really pleasant and relaxing activity.

Harpooning in sweet water is forbidden, but in saltwater allowed throughout the year. In May sweet water fishing is forbidden because of spawning.

Most local kinds of fresh water fish weigh about 2 kg, but there are also many small species. There are no dangerous salt water species in the Black Sea. Even the small shark you can find here, the dog-shark, weighs max 15 kg and never attacks people. It can only be found in deep water.

Some of the species found in Bulgarian waters:
carptroutmackerelturbotcatfishpike,tenchbasschubbarbelbreamspratsturgeonzandergobyperch, etc.

With such a variety of fish your dinner is nearly certain after your fishing trip to Bulgaria.

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