Gap Between Salaries of Men and Women in Bulgaria Grows

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The gap between the average salaries of men and women in Bulgaria increases, while in Europe stays the same.

According to the data of the European Commission (EC) on average women in the EU work 59 days “for free”, because of their lower salaries, compared to those of men. The average difference in Europe is 16.2% and remains unchanged in 2013.

In some countries, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Estonia, Ireland and Spain, however, the gap over the years grows.

According to the data of Bulgaria’s National Statistics Institute (NSI) in 2008 women were getting by 12.8% less than men, in 2012 the difference increased to 14.7%.

In countries such as Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands and Cyprus the gap is decreasing steadily.

According to the EC, however, this is mainly due to the economic crisis, which lowered the salaries of the men, rather than some significant increase in the women’s salaries.

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