Godech Monastery of the Holy Spirit

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Godechki Manastir or Godech Monastery of the Holy SpiritThe Godech Monastery of the Holy Spirit or Godechki Manastir is situated near the town of Godech, 46 km from Sofia and about 100 meters from the road linking Godech with Dragoman.

The year, when the monastery was founded, is not known, but the Nisava river valley has given shelter to many churches and monasteries during the Middle Ages.

The area around Godech represented a major religious center during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and the early years of the Ottoman rule and is part of the so-called Mala Sveta Gora near Sofia. The current monastery was built on the foundations of two churches, found during excavations in 1921.

The Godech nunnery has two churches. The Church of the Holy Spirit is older and bigger, and the church of the Seven Saints is built of baked bricks in the period 1951-1952. It has a traditional-style iconostasis and the icons were painted by Mileti Bojinov in 1951. In 1995-1996 a two-story residential building with 5 rooms, spacious dining room and a brick wall was constructed.

In the Godech Monastery of the Holy Spirit a limited number of guests can spend the night but food is not offered.

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