Historical Landmarks

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Cape Kaliakra historical landmark in BulgariaBulgaria is a unique historic and cultural treasury by itself. There are a lot of historical objects from different eras situated on its small territory, created and preserved through the centuries.

It has been the meeting point of different civilizations, whose cultures interacted and new ideas were born.

Across the Bulgarian lands have passed many ethnic groups and people, each bearing its own knowledge, art and customs.

Bulgaria has many evidences of prehistoric life. The prehistoric man found here suitable conditions to settle and left a considerable amount of cultural heritage.

Later flourished the culture of the Thracians, one of the most developed for its time. The Greeks built a number of cities, developed crafts, art and trade.

The Romans also left their contribution to the cultural processes in Bulgaria. They joined the talent of the natives and the knowledge of their architects, builders, sculptors, craftsmen. The Slavs and the proto – Bulgarians enriched the local cultural traditions leaving their own distinguishing features.

Visiting the historical landmarks of Bulgaria you can experience the aesthetic joy of becoming acquainted with the artifacts of past generations which are important part of the world civilization today.

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