Kalofer Monastery of the Blessed Virgin

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Kalofer Monastery of the Blessed VirginThe Kalofer Monastery of the Blessed Virgin is located in near to the town of Kalofer, 60 km north of Plovdiv.

According to a manuscript from 1863 Kalofer Nunnery of the Blessed Virgin was founded in 18th century by the monk Dorothey from Rila.

During the Turkish attacks in 1799 and in 1804 the monastery was destroyed, but in 1819 it was restored and a school for girls opened its doors here. 

With the assistance of Nayden Gerov the nuns of the monastery gathered support in Russia and with these funds in 1862 the church and residential buildings were built. Near the church is a small chapel of St. Panteleimon built in 1825.

In 1877 during the Russo-Turkish War, the Kalofer monastery was plundered and burned, but was later re-built.

Church and residential buildings were built in 1862. The church attracts attention with the icon Blessing Christ by an unknown artist, the iconostasis wall including the interior.

The Kalofer Monastery of the Blessed Virgin offers no accommodation or food.

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