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KavarnaThe last couple of years the town of Kavarna became popular as “the rock capital of the Balkans” thanks to the yearly rock festival, organized from the mayor of the town –Tsonko Tsonev.

Over 40 world famous rock bands were guests of the stadium – Dio, Manowar, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Accept, Slayer, Nazareth, Billy Idol, Whitesnake and Saxon are just a part of the bands, played in Kavarna.

Kavarna is situated in the southern part of the Dobrudzhansko plateau, at a distance of 64 kilometers from Varna, 18 kilometers from Balchik and 20 kilometers from Shabla. At a distance of 3 kilometers are situated the port and the resort area.

There are golden beaches, casinos, holiday houses and hotels. In the “Starfish” camping site there are bungalows and 2 swimming pools.

Places to visit in Kavarna 

Kaliakra Cape – It is a beautiful narrow rocky peninsula which stretches about 2 km into the sea, located 12 km eastwards from the town.

National Archeological Reserve “Yaylata” is a unique place which combines an archaeological remains and beautiful nature sights. It is located 18km from Kavarna and 2 km from the village of Kamen Bryag (Rocky coast).

Northwards from Kaliakra are situated two small wet zones – Bolata and Taukliman. (Birds’ Island). They are nesting areas for interesting bird species like the Little Bittern, the Little Grebe and different kinds of ducks.

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