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KazanlakThe town of Kazanlak is located in the Valley of Roses at the foot of the Balkan mountains.

Kazanluk is on a distance of 170 kilometers from Sofia.


The first settlement sprang here in ancient times.

The researches show that the area was inhabited by a large Thracian population, which reached the height of its cultural development during the 5th – 3rd centuries B.C.

Near the town is the famous Thracian Tomb, included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Kazanlak  is the only place in Bulgaria where a completely preserved painting – a masterpiece of early Hellenistic art can be seen.

In the 1270, Count de Gruye brought the Damascus rose from Syria to the valley where conditions proved excellent. Since the 19th century Kazanlak has been the centre of Bulgarian rose-growing and rose-oil manufacture.

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