Kievo Kale

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Kievo KaleKievo Kale is a Thracian fortress probably built in the period 12-th-10th century BC as a residence of a local Thracian king.

The fortress is situated on a mountain peak surrounded from three sides by the meander of Pizditsa river.

Nowadays the remains are hardly visible but in the middle of the fortress a big rocky moraine makes an impression because of the engraved Christian cross. On the highest part of it there is a shaft which was probably used for a sanctuary.

A local legend associates the name of the fortress with an unknown Kiev king, who settled there after the fall of Kiev under Tatar rule.

The starting point to Kievo Kale is the town of Peshtera. From the city centre go to the church St. Petka, after that through the Turkish quarter and along the beautiful watch tower you will get to the Ravnogor hill in the Batashka Mountain. It will take about 3 hours to get to the Kievo Kale fortress.

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