Kokalyanski Monastery

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Kokalyanski MonasteryThe Kokalyanski Monastery “ Sveti Arhangel Mihail” is in the Plana Mountain, far from towns and villages. It is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the village of Kokalyane.

In the monastery were found several precious manuscripts.

According to the legends it was built under the reign of Tsar Samuil. During the Ottoman rule the Kokalyanski Monastery was burned out 2 times, but after the National Liberation it was reconstructed.

The beautiful nature around makes the area an attractive destination for hiking and sightseeing. A popular tourist track is from the village of Koaklyane through the Kokalyansko Hanche (Kokalyansko inn) and Dqwolski most (Devil’s Bridge) to the village of Zheleznitsa.

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