London and Rome Lure Bulgarian Tourists for Easter

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Easter eggs

The European London and Rome are the two most popular tourist destinations for Bulgarians during the Easter holidays.

Among the other most preferred destinations are the cities of Vienna, Berlin and Frankfurt, according to data provided by a Bulgarian online travel agency.

The analysis, based on the number of purchased tickets and hotel reservations, shows a 13.6% annual increase of trips around Easter.

The Catholic and the Orthodox Easter celebrations coincide in 2014, and some Bulgarians have decided to take advantage and spend a more unusual holiday abroad, Bulgarian inews says.

The St. Peter’s square and Basilica in the Vatican city attract tens of thousands of pilgrims each year for the Pope’s Easter Mass. That and the low-cost flights have tempted many Bulgarians to spend their holidays in Italy.

London attracts Bulgarian visitors with the so-called Easter egg hunt and the numerous museums, theaters and galleries open during the religious holiday.

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