Mala Sveta Gora

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Mala Sveta GoraThe name of Sofia Sveta Gora dates back from the reign of Tsar Ivan Shishman.

During the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom the town of Sredets has been of great importance to the state for propagating and confirmation the Christianity.

Therefore many churches and monasteries were built in this region. At the time of the Byzantine rule the monasteries were under foreign domination.

The period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom is a period of bloom for the monasteries. When the ottomans came to power many of the churches have been destroyed. The remaining monasteries became cultural and religious centers.

All the monasteries and churches are named after heroes, who have struggled for saving the Bulgarian traditions and culture. The monasteries were also literature, and arts and crafts centers. Within the limits of Mala Sveta Gora there are 57 monasteries situated in the mountains around the city of Sofia.

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