Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monastery in Kabile

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Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monastery in KabileThe Kabile Monastery is located about one kilometer from the village of Kabile, 6 km from Yambol and 24 km from the town of Sliven.

In late antiquity (4-5c) Kabile was a great religious center, about a kilometer from this reserve there was a monastery during the reign of Constantine the Great.

The monastery possessed a healing spring, and the legend says that even Queen Helena sent her people to carry water from it. Later the Kabile Monastery was turned into nunnery, became Orthodox and was inhabited until the late 14th century.

Although the monastery was destroyed, the magic spring was remembered and in 1898 plowman Stoyan Ganev from Kabile began to dig in this place and really came across the water. Later, fellow-villagers forced him to bury the spring and this act immediately blinded him. In 1918 an old woman from Sliven, after a prophetic dream, once again discovered the spring of the Kabile Monastery and a small chapel was built there.

Since 1995 abbess of the monastery is Minodora. Today the Kabile nunnery is famous for the spring and its healing powers. The Kabile Monastery can accommodate up to 50 guests.

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